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Downloadable Lectures

Materials for the 2019 American Dermoscopy Meeting are still available for attendees of the live conference as password protected pdf files. PLEASE NOTE: This encryption may lead to problems if you are trying to open the slides on a mobile device such as an iPad or smart phone or if you attempt to view the slides in your browser.

Please note that reproduction, recreation or other unauthorized use of this content is prohibited.

JAIMES: Angioma, Angiokeratoma, Vascular Malformations and Hemangiomas (color: 27.9 MB)


JAIMES: Dermoscopy in General Dermatology (color: 76.6 MB)


JAIMES: Nevus and Melanoma Patterns (color: 52.9 MB)


JAIMES: Principles, Polarized, Non-polarized, Equipment (color: 49 MB)


JAIMES: Terminology for the Novice (color: 57.7 MB)


MARCHETTI:  AK and SCC (b/w: 2.9 MB)

MARCHETTI:  AK and SCC (color: 6.5 MB)


MARCHETTI:  Digital Monitoring (b/w: 2.2 MB)

MARCHETTI:  Digital Monitoring (color: 14.3 MB)


MARCHETTI:  Unknowns for Experts (b/w: 3.3 MB)

MARCHETTI:  Unknowns for Experts (color: 14.1 MB)


MARCHETTI:  Kahoot Quiz (b/w: 1.3 MB)

MARCHETTI:  Kahoot Quiz (color: 4.6 MB)


MARCHETTI:  Mucosal Lesions (b/w: 1.6 MB)

MARCHETTI:  Mucosal Lesions (color: 14.9 MB)


MARCHETTI:  Other Tumors (b/w: 2.3 MB)

MARCHETTI:  Other Tumors (color: 29.3 MB)


MARCHETTI:  Acral (Volar) Lesions (b/w: 2.5 MB)

MARCHETTI:  Acral (Volar) Lesions (color: 11.4 MB)


MARGHOOB:  2-Step TADA (b/w: 1.6 MB)

MARGHOOB:  2-Step TADA (color: 7.8 MB)


MARGHOOB:  Difficult Diagnoses (b/w: 3.6 MB)

MARGHOOB:  Difficult Diagnoses (color: 22.6 MB)


MARGHOOB:  Histopathology Correlates (b/w: 5.6 MB)

MARGHOOB:  Histopathology Correlates (color: 34.3 MB)


MARGHOOB:  Introduction (b/w: 3.2 MB)

MARGHOOB:  Introduction (color: 10.7 MB)


MARGHOOB:  Melanoma Specific Structures (b/w: 2.3 MB)

MARGHOOB:  Melanoma Specific Structures (color: 17.4 MB)


MARGHOOB:  Melanonychia (b/w: 2.3 MB)

MARGHOOB:  Melanonychia (color: 11.8 MB)


MARGHOOB:  Posttest Part 1 (color: 17.4 MB)

MARGHOOB:  Posttest Part 2 (color: 9.3 MB)

MARGHOOB:  Posttest Part 3 (color: 3.4 MB)


MARTIN:  Actenic Keratosis (b/w: 6.5 MB)

MARTIN:  Actenic Keratosis (color: 27.8 MB)


MARTIN:  Biopsy Melanoma and NMSC (b/w: 1.3 MB)

MARTIN:  Biopsy Melanoma and NMSC (color: 6.2 MB)





OLIVIERO/RABINOVITZ:  Facial Lesions (b/w: 2.4 MB)

OLIVIERO/RABINOVITZ:  Facial Lesions (color: 4.3 MB)





OLIVIERO/RABINOVITZ:  Nevus Patterns (b/w: 3.0 MB)

OLIVIERO/RABINOVITZ:  Nevus Patterns (color: 14.6 MB)


OLIVIERO/RABINOVITZ:  Sebaceous Hyperplasia (b/w: 0.5 MB)

OLIVIERO/RABINOVITZ:  Sebaceous Hyperplasia (color: 1.9 MB)


OLIVIERO/RABINOVITZ:  Vascular Structures (b/w: 2.3 MB)

OLIVIERO/RABINOVITZ:  Vascular Structures (color: 4.6 MB)


USATINE: Pathology 101 (b/w: 1.3 MB)

USATINE: Pathology 101 (color: 7.4 MB)


USATINE: Seborrheic Keratosis (b/w: 1.5 MB)

USATINE: Seborrheic Keratosis (color: 4.5 MB)



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