9th Annual American Dermoscopy Meeting

July 21-24, 2021
The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, Colorado

ADM On-Site and Virtual Meetings

Join Us for the 9th Annual American Dermoscopy Meeting!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Regarding video recordings and slide decks, the videos will be available until August 31, 2021. The slide decks will be available for 1 year. You can access both at https://americandermoscopy.live/auth/login.php.  You can also access the slide decks on this website at https://americandermoscopy.com/2021/2021-adm-lectures/.

If  you missed the 2021 meeting, it’s not too late to register. Registration will remain open until August 24, 2021 and will enable you to view the video recordings and slide decks.

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Dear Colleagues,

Over a century ago, on the pinnacle of Pikes Peak high above Colorado Springs, Katharine Lee Bates found the words to the poem that became “America the Beautiful,” as she was enamoured by the natural beauty of the country.

We invite you to attend the 9th annual American Dermoscopy Meeting (ADM) on July 21-24, 2021 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, about an hour’s drive south of Denver and some of America’s most spectacular scenery, including Cheyenne Mountain and the Garden of the Gods.

The alarming rise in skin cancer incidence and escalating costs associated with treating advanced disease has underscored the importance of early detection. The pressures to detect skin cancer as early as possible provides the primary impetus that fuels the demand for dermoscopy education. However, besides being invaluable in skin cancer screening, dermoscopy has also proven beneficial in diagnosing and managing a myriad of other disorders ranging from inflammatory conditions to hair diseases to infestations. Dermatologists, family physicians, doctors of osteopathic medicine, internists, advanced practice providers, as well as members of other subspecialties in medicine are eager to learn the benefits and insights provided by this technique. Those already acquainted with dermoscopy continuously seek ways to refine their skills.

The content of the 9th ADM will include information designed to benefit clinicians at all levels of dermoscopy training, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Even returning attendees will benefit from significant variation in materials presented. While the majority of medical conferences are held in large metropolitan centers, the most scenic parts of the United States, its National Parks, remain names or images on
our bucket list.

To address this, each year’s ADM takes place at a different US National Park – true masterpieces of nature that provide visitors with a myriad of outdoor activities to enjoy. We invite you to come and learn dermoscopy in an enjoyable, stimulating, interactive and relaxed environment while allowing your body and soul to get rejuvenated near the breathtaking Cheyenne Mountains. This is your chance to hike or bike America’s Mountain or cross that kanoe or kayak trip off your bucket list, enjoy the vistas over Lake Cheyenne, or simply enjoy a round of golf, tennis, or a relaxing massage at the resort’s luxury facilities.

I look forward to meeting, interacting, laughing, hiking and enjoying life with you in the Rockies in July 2021 at the 9th Annual American Dermoscopy Meeting.

With Warm Regards,

Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD
Course Director

Thank You to the Sponsors of ADM 2021

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Book Club

Join Iman Marghoob who will lead out in the Book Club Friday morning (time TBD) while ADM is in session.

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Photo Contest

Bring your cameras and get ready to snap away (any camera is fine, including cell phone cameras).

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